đź‘‹ Hey, I’m Ivy!

If fate finds us working together, I’m going to help you generate your Best Sales Year yet!

I have worked in almost every industry, either in marketing or management, and they all have this one thing in common: customers. 

Customers are key. Without them, you don’t exist. You want more of them, and you want them to love, share, and buy your products and services over and over again. I understand you.

But most importantly, I understand them.

Ever-changing marketing trends and the pressure to be better, especially when you’re under the gun of high-revenue goals, can be overwhelming. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be. 

All that matters in life is how you feel and how you make others feel.
Marketing is much like this.

The world of business and technology changes much too quickly for any short-term solutions to work. You must play the long game of brand loyalty.

And the only way to win is to wear your customer’s shoes every step of the way. 

Most companies don’t use this tool at all. They are as far as they can be from their customers and they don’t even know it. 

From the outside, your company may look exactly the same as your competition, but you can be doing 2-3x the business with customer experience marketing… and they’d never know what sets you apart from them is a matter of the heart!

It’s time to change your business into an experience designed for real human beings with layers that delight and surprise them. 

How can you achieve this?

It’s no coincidence that the most interactive forms of advertising (influencer marketing, email marketing, Facebook groups, video, quizzes, affiliate programs, etc.) have the highest return on investment.

And I did not choose these services to offer you because I knew they made the most money. 

I was naturally drawn to them because these are the elements of business that converted me as a customer. 

I am the toughest customer to convert, so I know exactly how to win over an entire market your competition has likely turned their backs on. And it is sooo simple.

You’ve been sitting in meetings asking yourself and your team what will work on your customers… when all along you’ve only needed to ask what would work on you

If you’re ready to do what works,
get in touch with me!

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“With my sister being a top copywriter for one of the largest consulting agencies, I knew what to look for in hiring a strong copywriter. Within the first 3 minutes of my discovery call with Ivy, I was sold. She is to the point, honest, and is more than just a copywriter. Ivy is more of a thought leader and CMO with strong copywriting skills. I highly recommend her for your next project.”

– Dr. Jay Cavanaugh
CEO/Founder, thevibemindset.com

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