Ivy Brooks

Some specialties include…

Website Copywriter

Ebook Ghostwriter

Business Operations Writer

Startup Copywriter

SEO Copywriter
Businesses and their owners are judged so harshly on their web copy, it’s crucial you have expertly written pages that are grammatically correct with perfect spelling, delivering your message and call to action effectively, and is  search engine optimized.
 Ebooks, as well as other email campaign opt-ins, are investments that are currently growing email lists like crazy. Contact me for a free brainstorm session on what your opt-in should be.
A well established business needs documents to ensure the proper execution of on-boarding and maintaining your team.  Your policies and procedures should be written  in the form of what we call SOPs (standard operation procedures). It  eliminates and resolves problems, and allows your business to stand on its own two feet so you can do higher-level tasks that are so pertinent to your growth.
 Start your business with confidence.
 Business plans, mission statements, core values, SOPs, white papers, business to business letters, phone scripts, and more.
 Yes, have professionally written sales copy, but also, be sure your copy is optimized to meet your search engine visibility goals!

And more!

 Announcements & Events

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