• Symbiotic relationship between web designer and copywriter
  • Allows web designers to offer this additional service: website and blog management
  • The introduction to Trello Boards

One of my favorite types of partnerships my 1st year copywriting has been with the web designers because they provided me such consistent work. This particular client had me managing 10 blogs associated with websites he’d built for his own clients.

How do you manage the communication and organization of such a work load? The answer is what’s become one of my favorite online tools, Trello Boards! My client set up a board for him and I to discuss topics, ask questions, get passwords, and post URLs once I’ve finished uploading my pieces to receive payment. Our project was smooth sailing!

Most of the businesses I blogged for were in the service industry: landscaping, plumbing, roofing, nursing homes, among others. The blogs were easy and fun to create. I imagined the audience of each business and what they may want to see if it were featured in an email campaign. I brainstormed a list of potential blog topics and titles, and pulled from it wherever I was most inspired.

For each, I found free-use images, reduced their sizes before uploading so they didn’t accumulate too much space on the website, and uploaded and scheduled all the content.

Additional tools were used to make reading easy for the viewer. Blogs were organized with headlines, and run through a readability score calculator. All blogs were between 400-500 words.

If you don’t see specific examples, samples, or URLs given here, my client has not volunteered our projects for public display, but you can request writing samples specific to your project or industry by email me at thecopywritertoknow@gmail.com

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