Tips for Standing Out in a Well-Established MLM Company

One thing that promotes the most fear when you’ve joined a multi-level marketing company is how you’re going to differentiate yourself from the thousands of people promoting the same products and services, locally and online. You likely know a handful of people who are already more knowledgeable and more experienced with the product than you are. The system is established and your up-line promises you will not fail if you work hard, but you’re still afraid it will not work out. This article is for you. This article will give you peace of mind and confidence in your strategy.

Branding yourself

Have you asked yourself what qualities differentiate you from other representatives? The answer is: everything that makes you- you; your look, your personality, your lifestyle are in large part what your audience will gravitate toward. Think of yourself as a blogger with the platform that is your choice multi-level marketing company. Branding [your name] – [your company] on your own website, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube and any other platforms you like will automatically make you look like an authority. To maintain your image, be sure you’re scheduling photo shoots every 3 to 6 months, offering glances into your life regularly, maintaining a social media strategy, and running ads like any other business.

Innovation with events

Some multi-million dollar multi-level marketers will tell you that they made their money when they threw their innovation out the window and followed the proven system. While this may or may not be true for your multi-level marketing venture, what I’m about to suggest will never steer you wrong. It’s events that bring your audience an experience that will make you memorable or capture your prospect immediately. What do people want more than whatever it is you’re selling? They want to belong. They want to make friends and be a part of something. Sex toys, Tupperware, jewelry MLMs all had the concept right when their products were largely introduced at parties. You can get pretty creative with the concept- on and offline, once or ongoing, casual or formal, free to the public or members only, free admission, RSVP, or paid only.

Original Content

Your company probably provides you templates, graphics, and documents to use in marketing and operating your business, but it’s the same content that all of their representatives tote. Original content can be anything from blogs, testimonials highlights, infographics, and posts to presentations, newsletters, and SOPs (standard operating procedures) for training purposes.

These three things are relatively easy and can be implemented quickly to make a huge impression, especially as a new representative. You may even have these things established prior to joining an MLM. Like many businesses, the 1st impression and the 1st few weeks or months is crucial to your future’s groundwork.

Remember, it’s likely your multi-level marketing company has set guidelines for your marketing strategy and use of their’s and your own materials. Look into this prior to applying any of your ideas, or better yet, before joining an MLM in the first place.

I met my multi-level marketing client on Instagram of all places, at the beginning of her career with her current company. I offered to write a review of the product (a form of PR) and publish it to my online portfolio to give her an additional piece of sharable content linked to her and give her a taste of what a copywriter could offer an MLM business owner. In addition to my article, I posted a before and after graphic featuring the company logo and my testimonial on Instagram. Since meeting, we’ve become good friends and she’s won a car from the same company! Rather than spamming up her Facebook, she manages a highly engaging Facebook group and the products are so superior (as many MLM products are), they practically sell themselves.

If you don’t see specific examples, samples, or URLs given here, my client has not volunteered our projects for public display, but you can request writing samples specific to your project or industry by email me at

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