• Content for purpose of SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Established authority as a medical field resource
  • Replacing old content of most popular items first

I first began working with this client to replace and optimize old product descriptions for their highly specialized medical grade equipment and supplies. Where there once was a sentence or two describing the item, is now a “mini-article” describing its purpose (including the names of medical conditions treats), features, and benefits. The strategy was to replace the most popular product’s content first to be cost-efficient and most effective; more purchases = more eyeballs that see the content. For SEO purposes, having 200 words per page of your website validates it as a quality site in the eyes of search “bots”. This is also an opportunity to plant keywords where the most traffic is organically driven. Each product description was between 300-400 words.

After proving my content was consistent and quality, I was asked to write articles regularly for their website’s medical blog. These articles were to be written in a scholarly manner and were upwards of 700-800 words. This, too, was an opportunity to optimize search results with keywords and content. Keeping the theme of popularity to drive the most traffic, most of the articles I wrote were extensive information regarding a particular health condition treated by their product. One paragraph of each article was dedicated to writing about the product my client offered but did not mention the manufacturer/distributor’s name because of how that is seen by search bots. Some clients prefer the cameo, others not. Since this blog seemed to be created strictly for SEO purposes because it’s somewhat hidden on the website, it was best to leave it out.

If you don’t see specific examples, samples, or URLs given here, my client has not volunteered our projects for public display, but you can request writing samples specific to your project or industry by email me at thecopywritertoknow@gmail.com

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