• Creating a company that’s beyond image; it’s experience
  • Better together: Connecting your people to policy, procedure, and each other
  • Memorable Marketing

The real estate brokerage I’ve helped brand, market, and make more efficient is, by far, the largest client I’ve had to date in a few respects; company size and number of services it provides, it’s need for my services, and the budget I’m able to delegate where I see best fit. Because real estate is such a competitive field, I’m unable to disclose much of the work I’ve done for this client, but as a copywriter, I’m able to paint you somewhat of a picture.

The Difference Between a 2 Dimensional and a 3 Dimensional Company

Image is so important, but in a world full of good looking companies, does your company deliver experiences time and time again? Do you have systems in place, do people know what they can expect of you, do you have a culture?

When this company had little more than a logo, I came in to try to really understand the owner’s vision and bring it to life through

  • A branding guide to compare marketing material against
  • Uniform business cards, with cohesive and professional portraits and email addresses
  • Mission statement and core values to keep the vision top of mind in all business dealings
  • and a newly organized website and a “back end” for the owner and agents to make announcements, provide training and resources, make known event in-office and around the city, and converse with each other their experience and expertise.

This company has gotten a makeover from the inside out. The overwhelming task of bringing pre-existing agents together and shifting their mindsets to be more team oriented and uniform with a company they can be proud of was achieved. With this new energy and a company that provided more community and value to potential agents, the brokerage grew 20% in 2 months and will continue that trend at an even faster rate going forward.

Marketing Strategy

After the company solidified its foundation, a marketing strategy and lead management system was to be implemented. After some designated thought, research and brainstorming, my approach was to allocate budget to the industry’s successful trends, but then to also differentiate the agency by doing what no other real estate agency has done before, so that in times of recession or tight housing market, they’d be more remembered.

If you don’t see specific examples, samples, or URLs given here, my client has not volunteered our projects for public display, but you can request writing samples specific to your project or industry by email me at thecopywritertoknow@gmail.com

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