• Sales copy hidden within a straightforward piece of copy such as an FAQ
  • Readability and user friendliness with organization and HTML
  • Being original where others copy and paste

This FAQ is a prime example of how such a seemingly straightforward piece of copy can be so valuable. I could easily tell you that the FAQ of this hypnotherapist’s website was the most significant copy of the entire website. In fact, the FAW was the only copy I was hired to write. Aside from any copy (or videos) that convey the professional’s personality, the FAQ is what converts customers, especially in such a niche field as hypnotherapy and alternative healing. In any industry, though, an FAQ builds trust and gives the customer the necessary information to make an informed purchase.

I had to step inside the newcomer’s shoes and first, imagine what questions they’d ask. I let my intuition guide my research to find the most factual and up to date answers and then again, wearing the newcomer’s shoes, wrote to the intrigued minds of those wondering if hypnotherapy would be valuable to them. Not only this, but an important factor was making the page interactive and user-friendly. Listing clickable (hyperlinked) questions that “page jumped” via the use of HTML code was just the answer.

Prior to beginning, I researched the sites of others who practiced the exact modality my client did and came to find that their sites provided very little content, and it wasn’t even original at that.The outdated designs and pictures indicated to me that perhaps they weren’t currently practicing or that their practice had fallen by the wayside. This is where I discovered her competitive edge, something I try to find for all my clients, the differentiator. Her passion and experience were one of a kind and now her and her website were going to serve as a resource of original content and further exploration of her already 50-year-old healing modality. The movement needed a pioneer and she was it. Now I just needed to convey that through her copy and encourage her to see the vision that I did.

Since our project, she’s retired from her position as a corporate team trainer and is pursuing her passion full time as an expert now, rather than a student. She has a hypnotherapy office outside her home in a spiritual business center and has a consistent 1-2 sessions per week!

If you don’t see specific examples, samples, or URLs given here, my client has not volunteered our projects for public display, but you can request writing samples specific to your project or industry by email me at thecopywritertoknow@gmail.com

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