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I hadn’t seriously considered writing a book until I began copywriting as a career to nurture the stay-at-home lifestyle we wanted for our son. A few months into building my portfolio, I stumbled upon Timothy Ferriss’ blog urging aspiring writers to self-publish and enjoy the possibility of a residual income and gaining a healthy readership over time. He recommended Lulu.com for publication and distribution and after comparing it to Amazon’s CreateSpace, I decided it was best for me at the time as well.

After absorbing an overview of the pricing and formatting expectations of my chosen platform and final product, I got straight to writing using Apache Open Office.

Be Witchy: A Primer of Eclectic Tools and Rituals for Strengthening your Relationship with Self and the Power Within came from the will to share my favorite spiritual concepts that have made all the difference in my life, my happiness, and ability to manifest my dreams. Through 158 pages of easy, fun, and empowering practices, I invite you not to become a witch, but only to try on the hat! In keeping consideration for all types of readers from diverse religious backgrounds and beliefs, I offer practical magickal solutions using everyday items or simply the power of your mind, often with scientific or psychological reasoning for the most down to earth readers.

Completion of writing and editing the chapters and taking photos took a year. Applying all the guidelines and formatting the book’s covers, photos, page size, margins, and text was definitely the biggest challenge I faced. I felt that the only way to do it correctly was to apply as much as I could via Lulu’s tutorial documents and submit, then review the proof and contact Lulu with any errors I’d found. Thankfully, I did not have to. My formatting was error-free on the first try and the book arrived as beautiful as the digital proof.

In the future, I’d like to assist other in telling their story or sharing a gift with an awaiting readership. If you have any questions regarding self-publication or writing your book, please feel free to contact me in the way most convenient for you.

Purchase Be Witchy in print or ebook version HERE

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