Edit to add: Businesses have now taken the bot thing a little too far and the user experience for Facebook has been compromised, so Facebook is currently evaluating their policies on the use of bots. Had people not abused the technology, it might have been the helpful tool I made it out to be in this blog 🙂 3/30/18

  • AUTOMATION always a good idea
  • Improve your response time and percentage
  • Helpful to both business owners and their clients

I originally learned to design a Facebook messenger bot because it was a newly budding trend to automate your real estate Facebook page in Las Vegas. Mostly the goal was to present yourself as an authority, especially with technology, because the agents with the most technology integrated are perceived (and usually actually are) the most successful agents for home sellers, which is where the most money is of buying and selling houses. But when you apply this technology to other industries, there are far more benefits to the business owner and their audience.

Improve Efficiency of Communication

In real estate, potential clients send messages to several agents at a time and for agents, its a race against time to capture the client. This is true for many service-based businesses. Human beings today are said to have an attention span of 8 seconds, so their most precious currency is time. It doesn’t seem entirely intelligent, but they are evaluating your skill by how quickly you respond! A Facebook messenger bot has the almost instantaneous benefit of improving your response rate and time to near perfection. In my bot’s first day, my rate improved by 4% and my response time by 4 hours. By the next day, my Facebook page had 100% response rate and less than 1 minute response time.

Helpfulness of Navigation and Menus

Potential clients are able to be directed to resources you’ve put together to address their inquiries. Facebook bot technology has the ability to create menus and sequences that make the user feel like they are having a conversation and getting somewhere with their goal. The more interaction you have with your clients, the better. I’ve always said that the difference between a short-lived business and a legacy is that rather than tricking your potential client into liking you with proven-effective, but a-dime-a-dozen marketing trends, you create a world for your ideal client to LIVE IN FOREVER. What better way to welcome them to your world than with a helpful Facebook messenger bot!

Another Element of your Sales Funnel

How many elements are in your sales funnel? Facebook messenger bots provide a unique opportunity to bridge the potential client to other elements of your sales funnel or your main products. The thought of it makes me so excited! Your Facebook messenger is practically an employee that keeps your leads HOT until you come in to close, or further nurture the relationship.

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