I’ve never seen another industry so diverse in backgrounds and directions than with the copywriting industry. Copywriters become paid, professional writers for a number of reasons, in a number of ways, and then their career paths synergize with other industries and forge equally unique paths as they become more seasoned. I’m a self-taught copywriter and business coach whose future is in publishing, talent management, and public relations. My best copywriting friend is certified in a specific and highly regarded copywriting program, another copywriting friend has a degree in English. Both are heavily involved in the development of funnels. I, too, love and value funnel creation, but my location (Las Vegas!), coaching ability, past experience, interests, and who I’ve come to realize wants and needs to work with me has shaped my career into another direction.

I’m telling you this because copywriters’ pricing is also going to be unique across the board. In this article, I outline the top three factors that help shape my quotes and proposals. It is likely many copywriters base their pricing on the same factors, but for very specific information on the pricing of what you are specifically looking to have done, search for ‘website copywriter’, ‘Las Vegas copywriter’, ‘content creator’, ’email campaign copywriter’, or ‘funnel copywriter’, a search term that is specific to the job type. Then get quoted and interview them! I’ll give you tips on how to do that as well.

My pricing is largely dependent on…

1.Your Return On Investment (ROI)

All seasoned copywriters will do market research on your industry and the results you’ll get for the work you intend to have carried out. If you’re conversing with a very experienced copywriter, they may even have their own case study, sample, and data to report the return you’ll get (in traffic or sales, for an example) and their pitch will come effortlessly to them. Your copywriting prospect might consider your budget, if they ask for it or if you’ve shared it with them, but ultimately, they will be paid “what it’s worth”.

Here, it’s important to understand the value of such a “mental profession”. The expertise, skillset, and way of thinking of a copywriter is a rare and profitable find. I’ve come to believe it’s one of the best investments any business, big or small, can make.

2. The Copywriter’s Availability

The way I’ve crafted my business can sometimes be a little like managing spinning plates. My schedule is a delicate puzzle. The work I’m hired to do keeps me adjusting to different levels of consciousness and focus. Again, about copywriting being a “mental profession”, it’s never void of heavy research. We’re often paid to learn, learn the stuff you don’t have the time and attention span to. That being said, it can be difficult to spend hours in a “research rabbit hole” and then splash water on my face and get ready to support you at your event (not that I don’t love doing both. It’s just difficult at times). When my availability, physically or mentally is limited, it’s reflected in my rates.

3. The Copywriter’s Level of Experience

It’s likely all copywriters, at least the honest ones (and they typically are, based on who I’ve met), will charge you what they feel comfortable charging you based on their experience. From your perspective, I want to stress that although a copywriter may not have an impressive amount of experience in your specific project, they may still have what it takes. I firmly believe that whether they have a degree, certification, or matching portfolio piece does not matter. Although it may be comforting to a business owner, the copywriter’s communication style and level of integrity matching yours and their focus, discipline, and overall ability to research and learn things quickly is what truly matters. If this is demonstrated in your preparation to work together, rest assured you will probably receive great work at an affordable rate. If you’re not on a budget, go ahead and shoot for the most experienced, but if you are on a budget or strongly value the possibility of an ongoing relationship, shop around and get to know your candidates using the criteria I described.

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