First off, I want you to let the main message of this piece sink in: You are the perfect vessel to bring the message, product, or service that’s been knocking on your heart for so long. I know this because I meet people every day (prospects and clients) who are what I call “little superstars”, people who know but deny their purpose for 2 common reasons outlined in this article. I clearly see that their stories are unique and meaningful, that their journey has been long and shaped them into the exact person that could deliver this work successfully, but without enough validation, they don’t take the next brave steps. If only they knew that just a few steps toward that calling would give them more confidence than they’ll ever need to take it all the way.

“Okay, Ivy”, you say, “I am responding to the call and I’m not succeeding. What say you now?”

To that, I say…

Acknowledge the Non-Monetary Rewards

It will be awhile, if ever, until you are paid handsomely for your gift. This is exactly why you should follow your heart; because if you follow anything else, you will inevitably burn out. When you follow your calling, the energy you need to execute the vision is a never-ending well within you. Your calling should energize you, heal you, and “fill your cup” more than it empties it and it is that last part that is so important to recognize. The main reason I encourage clients to follow their dream is to fill their own cups, in a world that could care less if you are happy, feel important, creative, fulfilled, or contributing to a community in your own way. Our culture does not nurture our emotional survival needs and in doing it for yourself, you will have a rippling impact of human health on society at a time it so desperately needs it. FEELING human is not a luxury, it is a necessity. And the more humans doing what they love and are good at will make the world a much better place, the future a much brighter time.

Now consider the 2 main reasons I see clients not succeeding while pursuing their passion:

Confidence and not having control of their personal lives.


I know that confidence is the main struggle of passionpreneurs because I’m always being asked “Does my story matter? Will people listen and care about it?” and I’m always having to tell clients “You don’t need another certificate on your wall to be the authority on this!”.

There is no way to become the person you think should deliver this message other than simply wearing the shoes and walking the path. Acknowledge, finally, that you are the right person. And then put one foot in front of the other.

I assure you that you are the first with your story, your passion, and your future with it, but you must also have the confidence to deliver it your way.

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken”

-Oscar Wilde

Personal Lives

Our professional and personal lives should be in harmony. Don’t you agree? Then tell me why so many people act differently in their businesses than in their personal lives. Tell me why so many business owners have different core values and priorities for each. I have a couple examples to reference on the matter… 1. I created my 5 Week Personal Finance Transformation for business owners who wanted to see profit increases in their business while making poor investment choices, mirroring their mismanagement of personal finances. The business owner’s relationship with money in their personal life and history was hindering them from growing a business to new heights. 2. The same can be said for the importance I used to place on my relationships. In the past, I used to hold my partnership with my significant other higher than my own security (my business) when my partner did not care for my business or security. If you can unite these worlds and live harmonious, flowing between each, you will be far more successful pursuing your calling.

“Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”

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