My last vlog was about the 2 main reasons people aren’t succeeding at following their passion or life purpose: lack of confidence and not having control of their personal lives. During a meditation in the past few days since, 2 traits or skills were revealed that WILL allow you to succeed at following your calling and those are…

Clarity and resilience.


If you have delved into the world of personal development, mindset work, spirituality, or empowering yourself, you probably have been told that you need nothing more than yourself to accomplish your desires, that you have all the answers to your own questions. You are only not well-practiced going within to get the answers. You are used to getting your answers from “experts”, mentors, doctors, psychologists, etc. As a business owner, you have to take time out of your schedule to evaluate and adjust to your findings. In a world and time when entrepreneurs are favored and given a platform more than ever, you have to constantly clarify your vision, your plan, and your message to your audience to stay ahead of your competition.

You should be noting what is working, what has not worked, what trends you see in the industry, challenges that your industry is facing and will face in the future, how you feel about your business and the clients you currently work with, if there are any gut feelings you need to give the stage and do something about, etc.

I saved my business some BIG mistakes by following hunches and feelings along the way. Like pre-screening for cancer, I was able to catch things before they fully manifested into a big mess I’d have to clean up.

As an example, in Clean House Clear Mind (my housekeeping company), I was about to sign a contract with the local newspaper. The newspaper had an advertising platform that gave consumers gift certificates of greater value than they purchase them for. So consumers would purchase gift certificates for 50% the full price and I would get 25%, the newspaper 25%. The reason companies did this was to acquire clients that hopefully continued to pay for services and also because you would get a large sum of money upfront. I met with the paper, discussed the details, sent my graphics and information requested, and it wasn’t until the night before I was to sign the contract that my gut told me something didn’t feel right. The next morning I contacted the last housekeeping company that was featured in the paper and they told me the experience was a nightmare! They were booked solid for 6 months doing jobs that have severely underpaid them. I dodged a bullet.


Some days I don’t want to be an entrepreneur. It is hard. Rejection is a regular occurrence. You’re responsible for every hiccup. Acquiring customers and making sales is a never-ending task. Some days working for an employer seems much more rewarding. On those days, I have to remember my why. And not only remember why I’m doing this but also recall all the times in my life I stayed the course, big or small.

Yes, owning my business sometimes feels like a fight. It is a fight. I’m fighting for a safe space in the world for me to make a living. I’m fighting for my piece of the pie, a chance at wealth. I’m fighting to prove points, set an example, to hire other people that can work in safe places and have some cake. And in case my son becomes anything like me, he’ll have a safe space and piece of the pie, too.

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