For years, I’ve wanted to try self-hypnosis through recording your own guided meditation and I’ve finally done it.

Health and Wealth Guided Meditation for Spiritual Warrior Business Owners

This blog serves as the content of the meditation, which I have recorded nicely and included at the very bottom of the blog. You can read the meditation to use as inspiration to write and record your own, or use it to record your own meditation with your own voice for a more powerful impact on your subconscious mind, where all things are first created. If you feel aligned with what I’ve written, listen to my guided meditation (provided at the bottom) before you go to sleep each night. Feel free to message me about how it’s impacted your waking life or to commission your own custom written and recorded meditation for your specific goals and purposes.

[Meditation Content]


I’m here to expedite your end of day relaxation and instill the most positive and productive night thoughts so you can continue doing your amazing work tomorrow re-energized. You will only be awake a few minutes longer, so let’s begin by reflecting on the day you had today. Bring any important challenges you had to mind. Did you express your true self in the situation? In the name of being solution-minded, how will you address this issue tomorrow or in the future? Okay, good. Now you can let that go. Begin taking deep, restorative breaths now. Get your fill of oxygen. Fill your entire body, distributing oxygen to each and every important cell. Continue to breathe like this as I tell you…health is wealth. You need not reminding that you show up best in life and business when you are well-rested and stress-free. In health, you can do and be anything. If still awake, thank your body for being a perfect, magnetic vessel for vitality and wealth. What else are you grateful for right now? Now tell your body and business brain that it is okay to clock out after work, and it is completely okay to shut off your thinking and switch to your restorative mode now.

I will help you wake up refreshed by planting seeds of the thoughts you want to have more of. Let’s visit those thoughts now… in 10. 9, 7… Go ahead and pitcure the life you want, how you want to spend your time… 6, 5, 4.. That’s a beautiful picture. Great job! 3, 2, 1…

Now I’m deep in your subconscious, where things are birthed into the spiritual realm, and finally, our physical world, too. Listening to this audio is a wonderful step toward bringing these two minds together and on the same page to make your dreams come true.

Money is the currency through which we can pay for the life we want. Money is not scarce or evil. Money is neutral first and then simply takes on the intention of its owner.

You own money

and your money loves you.

Your money wants purpose, wants you to believe in it, and tell it what to do. Tell your money we want to spend it wisely from now on, but also have fun with it. Tell your money to go out into the world by way of grocery store cash register, by electronic rent payment, and bank transfer and go make as many friends as you can and bring them all back home to us.

With more money, we can do bigger and better things. If we can elevate ourselves high enough, we can help others in a very impactful way. Attracting enough money is easy. There is more than enough for you and you deserve the small amount needed to live on and more. There is so much the world wants to give you. You just have to stop playing hard to get and let this affection from the universe be given to you for no reason, but that you can use it to do beautiful things in your life and other’s lives. The universe loves you and wants to show you. The universe trusts you, thinks you’re deserving, and wants to put its money to work through you.

Accept this money.

Relax your shoulders and put out your hands. Receive your abundance and then ground yourself by extending your spinal cord through your seat and to the core of mother earth. You have already been chosen long ago to receive this wealth. Now, by submission to this audio and opening your heart, you accept this responsibility of being a wealthy person.

There’s nothing more you need to do. The universe, the powerful universe, takes very little time to deliver its messages and abundance. You will see signs until then, that wealth is being delivered. The only thing that could stop its trek to you would be if you worry about it. You don’t want worry to be confused with your true intention: that you accept the universe’s abundance, favor, and the real world responsibility of being a wealthy person.

The universe wants you to live your human life as a spiritual warrior and knows that resolving your money issues and providing you more than you need will keep your faith and bless others amply. In your day to day, try to stay as high vibration as possible by making decisions that are true to yourself, your highest self. This should align with the path of least resistance most, if not all of the time. When there is discord, examine it. If this, too, is God, then what lesson is this discourse trying to teach you?

On the human level, you are doing everything you can and should do. Like Gotham City, your city, country, and world share a delicate balance of good and evil, opposing forces. Batman’s job never seems to be over and your won’t be either. Money is just another tool you’ll need to continue taking out the evil forces in your direct location. Through the internet and your works of expression, you’ll empower distant heroes to do the same.

Now that you understand your true importance here and how you’ll be able to contribute to society just by smiling and being stress-free, you can move forward in your daily life methodically but also fun, without any resistance at all.

It is yours.

A pain-free, easy physical life.

A meaningful, spiritual warrior existence.

Respect and honor for what you do.

Healthy compensation for your work.

Problem solving with ease.

Play as much as you work.

Fun, laughter, joy, memory making.

Stopping time to just be and love what you are,

where you are, and who you are with.

Exceptional, smart, strategic, balanced, well-rounded decisions and choices.

Loving the feel of money, your money, in your hands, in your bank account, flowing to and from to make things happen, things you choose and decide. Money is one of your best spiritual warrior tools- you have plenty to work with. More wishes to be under your guidance and direction. Tell your money what to do with every transaction. It will return to you with friends. Welcome new streams of income and rest deeply every night. Be still and know, Psalm 46:10.

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