I’m back at my desk and in a newly furnished home office after 8 months of dead air! I will explain further in the video version, but I am happy to dust off the old typewriter (lol) and write some inspired content for you.

Sales are involved in nearly every position on the planet, and I am really becoming quite keen on it. Whether you are actually in product sales or sales is merely a part of your own business, these 5 tips will make you the sharpest salesperson you can be so you can start each selling session with confidence.

Go to bat for your product.

Are you selling a product that is not your own? Well, make it your own. You have to become intimate with this product, know it inside and out, and apply it to a real life- your life. Even in my own business, it can be so hard to use my love for and belief in blogging on my own website. Hello, 2019! All of that is going to change.

You should know your product’s features and benefits, its strengths and its shortcomings, and who/what it will work best for. If applicable, what data can you gather about the success your product provides? The more information you know, the better.

Remember that scene in What Women Want? You know the one; where Mel Gibson and his entire marketing team are given boxes of women’s personal care products, and he gets reallllly into it. Be like Mel Gibson 🙂

This next tip will help you become closer to your product, increase your credibility, and will be an invaluable tool in your communications with prospects.

Produce your own sales material.

Back to school: writing things down help us to retain them. Creating your own sales materials will act the same way. First ask yourself, in what deliverable would your prospect want the information? A PDF or Power Point Presentation? Create your own material you think conveys your product’s essential information. If any forms are necessary to complete a sale, create or curate those as well. Not only will this give your prospect something tangible that’s easier to remember and harder to throw away, but it will also strengthen your pitch and communication about your product or service.

Focus on quality in relationships, not the quantity.

This is going to take some effort and care on your part. I encourage you to continue to do small things for your clients (or following) that keep them feeling great about their choice to work with or follow you because it is 7 times more expensive, in time and money, to attract a new customer than to retain one you already have. Examples of businesses continuously show us that an excellent 100 customer foundation can be much more profitable than an unloyal 1,000.

Keep it fresh.

You’re gonna battle burn out and if you do the same strategies day in and day out, probably a plateau too. Stay on track, but explore new ways to grow your business and sales; if only to keep yourself interested. This is part of the necessary growth mindset, ingenuity. The opposite is a stagnant mindset, mediocre. Do you want to be and feel mediocre?

Practice balance promoting activities.

STOPPING is a talent, isn’t it? To us workaholics, taking breaks is less common than we like to admit, but if we want to perform optimally, we must try to be normal. I am a non-stopper, too but I loathe the comments ‘Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t’ or ‘I’ll rest when I’m dead’. Science actually tells us that getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night can cause irreversible damage and you cannot simply make up for lost sleep at a later time. I like to block my time during business hours so that I stay hyper-focused and productive, and then clearly set time boundaries when I’m “off”. I also dedicate time to celebrating my successes and just having whatever I consider fun without any work involved. It takes constant practice.

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