How To Fall In Love With Your Life

This post was inspired by desire, both mine and my followers on Facebook. I asked them to message me privately all the things they wanted, without judgment or rules, and I was happy to receive such a wide range of desires to play with and apply the Law of Attraction principles I’ve been studying so intensely.

The desires that most intrigued me were the ones wishing to fall in love.

I’ve been pondering it for about a week; How to attract the act of or feeling of falling in love, what you do with it once it happens, how you maintain it, how it changes your life.

It’s a beautiful, transcendental energy to hope for. One worthiest of the work, I think.

If you can feel in love, with anything, I think it has the power to magnet your other desires to you more effortlessly. So I’ve been called to write this little protocol for falling in love with your life!

The following steps toward falling in love with your life are not based on my or any other Law of Attraction principles, though. Instead, they are an adaptation from my life experience and research based on falling back in love with your spouse. I think you’ll find the concepts here apply to your relationships, your work, your life, and probably many other things…

1. Appreciating Your Own Hero’s Journey

It’s easy to become wrapped up in current circumstances and not see our own story (past, present, and future) for what it’s worth. If you look at your life so far through the format of the Hero’s Journey, you’ll see that you are a character full of potential, on your way (through hell maybe) to acquiring something extremely valuable, and bringing it back to your people.

Where are you in the Hero’s Journey?

Can you be grateful for how much you’ve already been through and accomplished?

Are there events you’d benefit from going back and re-framing in your mind?

What have you acquired in the past that can now be applied to the present or future?

Do you see now that you get to write the rest of your story?

Are you up for the task?

2. Asking Yourself What You Need

Feelings of bitterness and frustration are typically born from a place of unmet needs. What are all the things that have stood in the way of you being in love with your life? Maybe your basic needs have been met, but not your deep, personal needs that lead to self-actualization.

What needs would have to be met for you to fall in love with your life?

Check out Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs to better understand the levels of human security.

Alternatively, it can be really effective to be or give that which you are seeking. “If you can’t see the light, be the light”. A few readers may feel more called to give here than to receive.
Just remember, you can’t give from an empty cup.

3. Spending Time Away

This can be applied in several different ways.

A) You could take a vacation/time off

B) You could remove yourself from the people who usually influence your life

C) You could take a break from social media

D) You could somehow otherwise switch up your environment to gain a greater perspective

The point is to be in an environment free from your usual noise and clutter; To sit with your feelings to clarify your understanding of them and how they should apply to and shape your life.

Maybe this was a need that came up for you in step 2, maybe it wasn’t. But spending time away from or in moderation with even the things we love most, is so important to the health of the relationship.

Everything in life ebbs and flows. To know one thing, we must know its opposite.
We tend to draw near something so intensely and then are repelled when we’ve gotten too close.
Then we draw near it again when we feel too far away, and the cycle continues.

It’s natural. It may feel negative, but it’s just balance-keeping. Honor it.

Treat Yourself Before You Burn Out
By Ivy Brooks

I authored a book on this exact topic, burnout and taking realistic vacations regularly. It includes a 48-question assessment that many have raved as a significant tool for self-discovery. The results of the assessment will give you a Total Burnout Score and a Vacation Prescription (1 of 8 different vacation types) that will give you a budget, outline, and focuses for your vacation based on your answers. Some of the vacations include retreats, get-a-ways, staycations, sabbaticals, and more!

This short read is only $2.99 on Amazon – Get it Here!

4. Launching Self Love, Mindfulness & Self-Discovery Practices

There’s so much potential in every moment when we meet it with intention.

It was in reading a book called The Untethered Soul that I learned that even when we are conscious, we are on an auto-pilot of sorts. This is left-over biology from a time when survival looked a lot different.

We have to awaken our intention and take the seat of power to make magic happen in our lives.

CREATING is actually a human quality I think that we are in a devastating deficiency with. You’ll find creation all over Maslow’s Hierarchy. I think it’s a major cause of depression and that if we only approached each day with the playfulness of #4, we’d be so much better off.

“Do something mundane creatively today and you will have created your medicine.”

Ivy Brooks, Author

Practicing mindfulness is one opportunity for self-discovering as adults. I purchased a Self Love Workbook and it made me realize the importance of self-discovery and just how long it had been since I’ve learned even ONE single new thing about myself.

When I was a child, I was so in love with life, with boys, with myself… all the way into my teens and beyond. I think I was so new and everything was so new, it fascinated me. Everything was an experiment, everything was an expression, I was creating every day. I was creating my self, my reality, my relationships, opportunities. I was grateful, too. I was so much more grateful because I didn’t have a bunch of experience with abundance OR lack. Everything was just so wonderfully intense… like being in love.

We can find that person inside us again. Someone renewed and excited about the possibilities of each day. In mindfulness, that’s called ‘Beginner’s Mind‘.

If you string together the good days, they become good weeks, months, and years. With each uplevel, we are amazed and excited to get to the next.

MOJO, as I like to call it, takes practice. This includes looking good. When you put time into looking good, you feel good, and do good; all things that affect your esteem.

How you view yourself and treat yourself then teaches and influences others how to treat you… and as soon as you know it, this snowball effect of steps 1, 2, 3, and 4 has taken place, and your life is unrecognizable…. lovable even 😉

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Ivy is a Copywriter, Marketing Strategist, Business Coach, and Author based in Las Vegas, NV. Over 10 years of business management and ownership experience has led her to focus solely on Customer Connection Strategies. She lives and works by the philosophy ‘All that matters is how you feel and how you make others feel’. It’s been a profitable philosophy to say the least! She’s gained the recognition of multi-million dollar celebrity ecommerce brands and is fast approaching a million dollars in sales for past and current clients combined.

3 thoughts on “How To Fall In Love With Your Life

  1. This is great. I just wrote a few posts about the Hero’s journey. Joseph Campbell once wrote that this journey is not for women, but I disagree. I think the Hero’s journey is expressly applicable to the struggles that women face. In addition, I love your addition of the Untethered Soul. Such a life changing text. Oprah has a great interview on her podcast channel. He gives more insight into his thought and ideas during their talk. Enjoyed reading this. Thanks!


    1. Hello! Thank you for sharing your comments. I can’t believe someone would specify the Hero’s Journey to men! I checked out your site, I love it. I, too, am an empath and have done photo readings (not professionally or as a service). I will keep you in mind for that! How can we connect further? Do you have a favorite social media channel you use?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s awesome! I am always looking to connect with fellow Empaths. Yes, you can hit me up through Twitter or on Instagram. Kelly.j.Merritt that’s my personal account. Looking forward to connecting further.


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