What Does Being ‘Woke’ Mean Today?

I wanted to share my timeline and events that made up my awakening, but instead, I had to first define awakening. So here it is.




Being woke is none of these things and all of these things at the same time.

Being woke today means having started to recognize your conditioning and start DE-conditioning, valuing the truth over lies of all kinds, even your own bullshit (overriding ego), and eventually fully embracing both the dark and light of reality because it is the truth, and living from a place of profound (and rare) wisdom.

What’s spiritual about that? It’s just human.

What’s socially progressive about that? It’s how it should be.

What’s political about that? Politics should not be so synonymous with deceit that it naturally opposes reality, the truth.

‘Awakening’ is not a maturity or coming of age… It’s not something you do like a hobby, or study, or wear. It’s not knowledge you obtain or karma you earn. You can’t control it and you don’t know how far it will go. You don’t know exactly where it started or where it ends. I don’t think it does…

It doesn’t always present itself clearly, it doesn’t give you power over others, and it definitely doesn’t reveal to you how anyone else’s awakening has gone or will go. Everyone’s journey is different. Some never have one… and as much as some of us want to judge them for it, we shan’t.

It’s not our choice to start awakening.

It’s not our choice to NOT start awakening.

We’re not smarter, nor do we seem to be luckier for awakening.

It just is. (Humans hate things that ‘just are’, our ego-driven society needs to maintain the facade that we know everything or that we will one day know everything. This grip on control is imaginary and it stems from fear. That’s how fragile we still are as a race).

Sometimes the truth, it humbles us to our knees… and sometimes the truth makes us feel god-like. We rarely have power over that either. Like anything else, you can mentally and physically numb it, but it’s always there. Once on the ride, you can never come off. You can’t un-know what you know without dying, if even then.

It seems not good, nor bad. (Duality in everything is one of the most important foundations of awareness you can keep “in mind”.)

It’s like trying to keep track of whether you are up or down from a lifetime of gambling.
It only reminds me that all the power and riches are in the RIGHT NOW.

It’s omniscience. It’s collective consciousness. It’s oneness.
It’s God-like, or Godness, or if you’re brazen like me, it is God.

But that’s another post.

Omniscience is THE CAPACITY to know everything (NOT knowing everything, but THE CAPACITY to know everything)

To obtain the capacity to know everything, you have to first abolish your limitations. Your limitation is your “self” and layers of your experience and what it’s done to shape you. And not only shape but force you into a shape that your ego then holds for very human/ego/un-God-like purposes; most often for safety, but your reasoning can be several different things.

Scientifically we know that your SELF is not even contained within your body…

There’s amazing layers to this, in fact. You are spilling outside yourself as we speak and some spill out more than others…

Your mental energy/intelligence doesn’t fit inside your brain.

In fact, your intelligence lives inside your whole body…

But it doesn’t stop there.

Your being measured, your energy output, your “aura” is said to be outside yourself as much as 3 whole feet in any direction on average!

On this plane and in THIS reality as you know it, whether “woke” or not, you are already MORE than the PERSON that you occupy.

If for many reasons, and I can’t know them all, we can shrink and expand this much already, then why would there be any limit to how much we can expand?

It’s scary, so we self-impose limits.
This reality, “woke” or not, is scary.
You’re probably already scared and limiting yourself in ways you don’t even know.

Truth is the antidote to fear. I promise but can’t prove that. It’s not just a cure for fear but the solution to all, because the truth will activate you in ways that will make you ACT with righteousness.

But I digress…

I said ‘awakening’ is ultimately the truth and what it does to you. I said it was omniscience, the capacity to know everything. I said your being is ALREADY spilling outside yourself at the level you are at… and now I’m saying this becomes/is/overlaps COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS. Because if your intelligence is no longer contained within YOU, it’s outside yourself COLLECTING external data, it’s tapping collective consciousness.

You’re likely already doing this all the time. This is human nature. This used to never be named… it used to never be “a thing”… it definitely was never ostracized, because it was as normal as growing hair.

But hey, what do we do with hair in this reality? We shave it off.

How animals communicate without language, arrange their packs, sense danger, heal themselves, and seem to “tap” knowledge of things that directly pertain to their survival?

Yeah, WE ALSO do ALL those things.

Losing sight of our place within the animal kingdom, believing that we are somehow ABOVE or didn’t need our tribal instincts is where we’ve gone terribly wrong.

It’s my belief that it’s the reason for all your emotional distress.

If it were encouraged and became more natural (to be natural), maybe we’d be using more than 10% of our brains! Have you read any historical books? They didn’t have our ‘civilization’, yet they were 100X smarter than us. We didn’t have IQ tests then (and honestly, our IQ tests today are lacking), but if we did, I’m sure we would be recognizing that our intelligence is in crisis.

And finally, Omniscience> Collective Consciousness> Oneness.

  1. If you can recognize conditioning, parts of your constructed personality, parts of you that you’ve adopted because of experiences…

2. and then abolish your NEED for ego, so that you can toggle between the self and the rest as you please…

3. and then recognize, get to know, and regularly practice tapping into knowledge outside yourself (it’s already sometimes spilling IN to your field anyhow, you just don’t recognize it because that would be WEIRD to society’s standards)…

You’ll soon enough detach enough from self (and feel safe doing it. And by detach, I mean that you no longer feel like you have to “hold onto yourself tightly” for fear of the unknown, because it’s not unknown any longer). Then you will realize, that the only reason you were ever truly separate from anything was because of the mind; your mind, and the mindset that was given to you by others or your experience.

It was a box. You were a box. You put things in it because that’s what you knew. You were told it was for putting things in, adding to it. You weren’t told that you could take things out of it, that you could actually take everything out of it, evaluate what’s there, appreciate parts and throw others away, and put it all back neatly like you want.

You weren’t told how sophisticated your body is as an instrument of living.

You weren’t told how to sing YOUR song while you’re here.

You weren’t taught to FEEL how you FEEL and what that means outside of the set of rules we’ve made up for society.

You weren’t taught to value the RIGHT kind of sameness we are, that we’re human and kin and all together capable and responsible for this planet.

And you weren’t taught how beautifully different you are from everyone and what that really means.

Do you know what that means?!

It means more than this post can ever say, it’s another 50 posts, its why there’s so many coaches out there teaching authenticity and self-discovery, it’s because YOU hold a KEY to a DOOR that needs OPENING HERE. And you’re the only one that can open that door for us.

We’re in closed-in spaces, we’re shrunken ourselves,
we’re unnaturally living and sick,
and it’s dark and stuffy up in here.

PLEASE open another door!

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