lasvegascopywriterIvy Brooks is a copywriter and business coach based in Las Vegas, Nevada but works remotely with clients all over the United States. She has over 10 years experience successfully managing businesses in various industries, including her own, and has learned much of her skills by rolling up her sleeves and learning them on the job. This quality is still an asset, as she must learn her client’s businesses and their industry’s marketing trends FAST. The profession of copywriting will never be short of research and learning experiences, something Ivy embraces. In her own words, “There’s very little I can’t learn and I love doing it. If businessmanagementotherwise, I’m honest with my clients and help them outsource parts of our vision to quality, trustworthy professionals.”

If you don’t know what copywriting is exactly, you can visit Ivy’s Copywriting FAQ. Business requires written language that invokes the reader to act; to hire, to buy, to invest, to feel, to remember, etc. Whatever your intention is, Ivy brings to life through words. She creates promotional material, website content, social media lasvegascopywriterivypresence, informative bodies of work, professional communications & much more. There are no limits to what proper wording can be applied to. Visit her Copywriting page for a better understanding of what she’s capable of.

As a coach, she’s able to quickly lead others to master their own minds in regard to the most common challenges she sees entrepreneurs face; focus, confidence, accountability, business structure and pricing, strategy and lead generation, prospect communication, lean business practices and growth, and business solutions and organization. Coaching was not originally offered to Ivy’s clients, but naturally came to be when her client testimonials reflected that she had been doing a lot of beneficial coaching. Now she has a streamlined system in place to get to the heart of your issues and address them with appropriate solutions that feel good to you.

mybabyOn a personal note, Ivy’s ‘why’ is providing the best life for her son as a single mother. Her son was an unexpected blessing, but a bright toddler she wants to fund every possible opportunity for. Ivy’s very spiritual and invests in her well-being, physically and mentally, by eating as clean as possible, maintaining work/life balance, exercising, and meditating. She chose not to brand herself as a “mompreneur” or “spiritually inclined professional” because she didn’t want to take away from the fact that she’s, first and foremost, results driven. myfamily

Ivy was raised in Saint Cloud, Minnesota by her entrepreneurial father, David, and her mother, Lorraine, who was a nurse for 20+ years. She has a close sister still residing in Minnesota who does social media management at www.jackiesocialmedia.com. And yes, they often put their heads together on projects for clients!

Ivy says she’s glad to be “from Minnesota”, but loves Las Vegas and considers it home now.

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If you’re interested in having a coach’s support, don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation call to find out if Ivy is a good fit for you! You can also contact Ivy in the way most convenient for you to discuss the scope of your project and what you’re looking for.