Who Is The Copywriter To Know?

An Interview With Ivy Brooks

So who is ‘The Copywriter To Know’? How did you come up with that name?

You know, you always want to sell something- most often, an emotion. And I always had the most fun naming my businesses. It’s your first impression. What do you want to say? I want to say ‘You should know me! I’m valuable. I’ll be a resource for you.” It made you curious. It made you ask. That’s what I wanted.

For those who don’t yet know you, tell them the kind of business resource you are.

At my core, I have always been and always will be a copywriter. It’s my job to help you convey the clearest, most resonant message to your clients or customers, and make a long-lasting connection with them…

…where I once just wrote the copy and it was up to companies to place it and execute it properly, I can now manage whole marketing campaigns from start to finish. Beyond that, I think my integrity and work ethic keeps me in the top with those who work with me…

… to me, our work together is hopefully a relationship- not just a one-off project or service.

Do you think others in the industry lack integrity and work ethic?

Every industry has rats.

What’s your favorite campaign you’ve ever worked on?

Building affiliate programs is so much fun! It’s like planning a party! It’s full of visuals and invitations and activities- and the best part is how rewarding it is for me and the company we’re creating the revenue stream for because the money just. keeps. coming. You get out of it what you put into it and it’s really easy to generate without spending much.

Speaking of generating without spending too much, what single piece of advice do you have for companies entering a new year with a marketing budget?

Trust no one and do your research. Evaluate what about your company and its marketing efforts have worked for you so far. Acknowledge what hasn’t worked and why. Note what your competition is doing, but don’t focus too much there. Try to predict where your industry is going and go there….

… 5% of revenue should be spent on marketing to maintain your position and 10% to excel past it…

… monthly and quarterly goals are important. Check in regularly and prepare to pivot. Strive to be better than at least half of your competitors.

Sorry, that was 10 pieces of advice!

(Laughs) That’s fine- more value for the reader! How did you get where you are today- for those aspiring to write?

If you love every part of the writing process from concept, outline, and research, to actually sitting at your desk for lengths at a time, giving birth to a literary baby… you have what it takes.

If writing wasn’t fueling me as much as I was fueling it, I wouldn’t have made it…

… my first writing gig was writing hundreds of articles on exotic birds for 6 dollars an article and after that, I wrote a book just for practice, so I knew I had it in me…

… it still amazes me how much I love it. And that I didn’t find it for so long.

What were you doing before copywriting and marketing strategy?

I was in retail management for over 10 years.

Do you think that experience adds to your career now?

Significantly. Being traditionally sociable will win every time. Anyone can program a Facebook bot, but only a copywriter with 10 years retail management experience will know what to have it say to an angry customer (laughs)!

That’s really interesting, what would you program a Facebook Messenger bot to say in that instance?

‘I’m sorry you’re upset and I’m going to get you a human’s help within 24 hours. In the meantime, here are our most frequented help docs.’

Wow, that’s great!

You always want to validate their feelings and let them know what you’re gunna do and how long it will take. Then give them something, if not access to help documents, maybe a discount code.

I’m sure you’ve now excited many business owners and CEOs about the services and insight you have to offer. In what different ways can they begin working with you?

Some Brands I’ve Worked With…

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