One of Ivy’s core business beliefs is that there are no shortcuts in life or business. She encourages her clients to “get back to the basics”. Marketing trends have a short shelf life, especially as more in your industry jump on the bandwagon. It’s building a lasting brand, a world for your ideal client, that pays you now AND later. Trends often expect traffic to come to you, while Ivy believes you should stay well-practiced in having conversations, extending personal invitations to your ideal client to enter the world you’ve created for them.

Brand building takes time, integrity, authenticity, and a willingness to try new things. The gurus who teach get-rich-quick marketing secrets, or one piece of the puzzle and claim it’s everything usually lack the discipline or skills to build a whole, lasting brand and are making money from those who don’t yet know better.

If you agree or are sick of feeling like a hamster in a wheel no matter how much you learn, aligning with new values (well actually, old values that have stood the test of time) and learning to trust yourself and exercise confidence as a business owner are the remedy. To further understand Ivy’s perspective about business, you can visit her Business in the 21st Century Philosophy and test. If you resonate with what’s been said here, you may be a good fit for Ivy’s coaching! Through working with copywriting clients, she’s seen and addressed these common challenges entrepreneurs face:

• Focus
• Confidence
• Accountability
• Business Structure and Pricing
• Strategy and Lead Generation
• Prospect Communication
• Lean Business Practices and Growth
• Business Solutions and Organization

Ivy has outlined a program that explores each of these challenges and she’ll maneuver it based on your coaching needs and both of your intuitions along the way. Ivy’s available by email, phone call or text Monday through Friday during regular business hours and regular contact will be kept via scheduled Skype meetings or traditional calls. If you enjoy “homework assignments”, each session can conclude with an objective you can work on until the next scheduled session. Accountability checks between sessions are scientifically proven to motivate. You can imagine the benefit of being a local Las Vegas coaching client, as these meetings can be facilitated in person instead.

The growth you’ll experience as an entrepreneur during a coaching program is invaluable. Together, you’ll identify which of the 3 main problems your business experiences so you can apply solutions to them right away, and explore your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner so you can quickly nip future problems in the bud, too. After getting to know each other, the program becomes highly personalized.

Ivy is driven by results and with coaching, is no exception. She wants you to be an exemplary client achieving record numbers, not only for her own arsenal of case studies but to instill in you, the most valuable skill you may ever attempt acquiring; making and adhering to S.M.A.R.T. goals, learning to track your efforts with measurable data, and redirecting your mindset and business as often as necessary.

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