I’m a morale, operations, and marketing problem solver.


Your business is going nowhere fast if morale is low. People, both customers and team members, must be sustained first to gain momentum in your business and its industry.

You’d be surprised how much money can be lost to low morale and the number of reasons that contribute to the cause.

Thanks to statistics, we know that occupational burnout costs American businesses 3.5 billion dollars a year, due to absences, low productivity, and even sabotage.

We also know that customer acquisition costs 7 x more than it costs to sustain customers you already have.

The best businesses treat every person they touch as if they are a customer, even their employees. Customer experience, CX for short, is often the hidden competitive edge that takes companies from six figures to seven, eight, and nine.


One of the most common underlying issues behind low morale and/or dipping revenues is the lack of policies and procedures.

It’s simple! People quickly become stressed out when they don’t know what to expect and they don’t know what’s expected of them.

Human emotion in business is inevitable. With human emotion and high-pressure, communication breakdown can happen rapidly and wreak havoc on your results.

You shouldn’t expect all of your team members to be human resource specialists or problem solvers in general. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

Rather than expecting them to have this trait in common, hold them to common policies and procedures.

Adding structure makes all involved feel supported and much more comfortable moving through adversity fast and getting back to a happy and productive neutral ground.

Not to mention how structure comforts and converts your customers, which is why we’re addressing all of these infrastructure concerns in the first place!


By now, you’re probably beginning to see how morale, operations, and marketing affect one another, so I want to begin this section by saying that businesses only suffer three different marketing challenges at the end of the day:

1. Not having enough leads

2. Not converting those leads and

3. Having enough leads and conversions, but not having the manpower or processes to deliver the goods or services.

I’ve seen so many businesses from every possible aspect and position. I am the right person to dig deep within your business, examine all these areas that affect one another, diagnose your priorities, and prescribe a strategy.

Organize Your Future Today

With my help, you and your team will have a plan of action and a promising future with clearer expectations, less bumps in the road, press-worthy customer experiences, and a solid start to more brand loyalty from customers and employees alike.