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The 5 Week Brand Transformation

Pieces of this very course are taught all over the internet for free, but implementing just one piece will not be fruitful. And those who have put all these pieces together in one course are charging upwards of $600-$1,000. I’m able to offer this organized, step-by-step whole brand transformation affordably because although a lot of the content is evergreen, I know the marketing and branding landscape and its trends will continue to change, and because I’ve created this course easily and efficiently while implementing the changes to my own business, I’m able to use it to get to know new business owners in a comfortable and valuable setting. All my courses are designed to satisfy all learning styles with multi-media delivery (videos, reading, and printables). After 5 weeks, you will have:

  • Evaluated your public image & online presence
  • Filled in your “value ladder” and nailed your pricing
  • Made S.M.A.R.T. goals that directly affect your business’ income
  • Sculpted your vision of your ideal client, mood, and main messages of your business
  • Began shaping your social media strategy
  • Shifted your mind to embrace vulnerability and healthy comparison to become wide open to more growth, profitability, and all things possible


PFcourse69The 5 Week Personal Finance Transformation

This course was designed as a foundation or refresher for Ivy’s current coaching clients who are business owners hoping to scale their business, but don’t have a grip on their own personal finances first! Anyone can take and benefit from this course. It was created to deliver you the most valuable content quickly and in a fun way, satisfying all learning styles with multi-media delivery (videos, reading, and printables).

On average, the student who implements the material found in this course will save over $2,000 for their emergency fund/savings in 90 days and pay off even more debt. You have to take control of your spending and start strategically saving so you can make and invest your money more creatively in the future. Financial freedom and I are waiting for you just on the other side of this course! After 5 weeks, you will have:

  • Created a budget and understood how to make it actually work
  • Negotiated your bills, credit card interest rates, and made lifestyle adjustments to accommodate your budget
  • Understood how best to tackle your debt and created an easy and rewarding plan to do it
  • Started mastering your mindset and abolishing your limiting beliefs surrounding money



& Offered Locally Only…

Financial Peace University

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Financial Peace University is a 9-week course taught by volunteers, typically in a church or community center setting. Individuals and families of all economic levels are welcome and experience drastic results immediately upon implementing Dave’s actionable financial steps toward freedom and security. In this class, you will enjoy:

• A safe environment to learn and celebrate making better financial decisions
• A kit with all the necessary materials to succeed in class
• Budgeting basics
• Money psychology and understanding your relationships in regard to money
• Learning how to tackle your debt and never use credit to survive again
• Planning for the future through saving and investing wisely
• Accountability: to yourself, to your class, or to an accountability partner of your choosing

The average family implementing this program pays off $5,300 of debt and saves $2,700 in the first 90 days! Contact Ivy to host Financial Peace University for your congregants, employees, network, or team!