Email Marketing

This is a premier email marketing service.

It’s well published that email marketing has an ROI (return on investment) of 41:1. The longer established your account is, that’s certainly possible. I’ve personally seen 3-5X returns within months.

Lead Capture

Email marketing begins on your digital property, your website. Your first conversion optimization is your opt-in strategy. Choosing the perfect placements for the ‘Join my newsletter’ CTA (call to action) and a compelling offer is essential.

In my expert opinion, every brand should have a digital product, if not as a free gift for subscribing, for customer acquisition through content marketing.


Statistically, over 75% of email revenue comes from personalized campaigns. By setting up email automations along your subscribers’ entire customer journey, you show them the most relevant offers and content.

And there are even more ways to personalize your subscribers’ experience. One of my favorites is the use of surveys to get to know your list and then segmenting them based on key distinctions that influence their buying behavior.

Promo Calendar

More emails = more money

Planning your promotions up to 3 months in advance ensures that you’ve had ample time to create each campaign and optimize them to their highest engagement and earning potential.

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Next Level Email Marketing

Affiliate Program Build Out & Management

  • Double or triple regular email revenue
  • Drive brand loyalty from current customers
  • Drive brand awareness to new prospects
  • Acquire site traffic from affiliate opportunists
  • Interact with your fanbase more informally
  • Have a platform to extract more helpful information for Facebook Ad audience building and other advertising strategies

The list goes on…

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I can also build and manage loyalty and rewards programs.


The only way to email marketing excellence is to be a scientist. I highlight this and many other important email marketing optimization strategies in my Linkedin article Here.

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