0-615 points

Congratulations on scoring within level 1’s point bracket! This, by no means, indicates that your company is unsuccessful, but that you may have areas of opportunity to capitalize on. Knowing where you are is the 1st step to getting were you want to be, so you’ve already accomplished something today! In 6 months, after you’ve applied your effort toward some of my recommended goals, you can re-test and evaluate (and celebrate!) your progress. For now, note where you are between level 1’s spectrum (low 0-300 points, middle/high 300-500, and high 500-615) and create a S.M.A.R.T. goal to reach the next achievable level in 6 month’s time, using the 1st suggestions the test has offered you that you didn’t currently have in place.

It’s likely at this level that you have some very basic building blocks of a business in place with parts from other levels, but haven’t completely finished branding and solidifying your desired image and impression, which is preventing you from reaching the next level of success.