615-650 points

Congratulations on scoring within level 2’s point bracket! This, by no means, indicates that your company is unsuccessful, but that you have many areas of opportunity to capitalize. Knowing where you are is the 1st step to getting where you want to be, so you’ve already accomplished something today! Note where you are between level 2’s spectrum (low 615-630, middle/high 630-645, and high 645-650) and create a S.M.A.R.T. goal using the suggestions the test has offered you.

At this level, it’s likely you’ve established a solid reputation and that you’ve listened enough to your audience to make sure your products and services are being delivered in the majority of ways they prefer. Where you can improve is keeping your leads HOT by staying in touch. Automation through an email campaign is a successful trend, but it’s not the only way to do it. You need to capture, at the very least, a name and email, phone number, or Facebook account. Keeping in touch beyond that can be manual, automated, personal, or just offering specials/discounts or content relevant to your company and industry. Ask yourself what they would want from you most when they hear back from you?

In some industries, nearly half of their sales are closed after 3 months of keeping in continuous contact. Half of total sales closed can also have derived from marketing efforts from past years. Marketing, like most things turn out in the end, is a long race and not a sprint.