650-725 points

Congrats on securing a score high enough for level 3! That’s pretty amazing. It’s likely that you have your business somewhat down pat. You may have been in business several years, made your share of mistakes, and if someone contacted you for a consultation regarding getting started in your industry, you could offer them valuable insight worth $$$! You’re at the stage where your focus has shifted from operations to more about all the humans and heartbeats behind your business. This puts your business in a new league, in a world where only 2 businesses exist; cookie cutter vs. innovative. You have the potential to change lives, if you have not already.

Although this is a win, it has to be sustained. Your business operations must always be maintained and improved, and skills sharpened to remain in this league. Take notice where your score falls in this level (low 650-675, middle/high 675-700, and high 700-725) and strive for a higher score within the level or whole pyramid. Make a S.M.A.R.T. goal using any suggestions the test offered you that you have not already implemented.