725-800 points

Congratulations on scoring within the pyramid’s level 4! You likely have a really good grip on your business. You must have great relationships or have plenty of practice delegating tasks to the appropriate people and facilitating a team atmosphere. Scoring this high should also indicate that you are taking good care of yourself personally- eating nutritiously, getting exercise or fresh air regularly, and scheduling time for fun and recuperation. Are you also enjoying the work you’re doing? Feeling fulfilled by it? Implementing the last of the suggestions given by the test will only help you climb further into the level that rewards you and everyone who will meet you.

In all the other levels, I suggest you make a S.M.A.R.T. goal to achieve a higher score within your level or the next, however, at this level you’re operating more from the heart. Which of the suggestions you haven’t yet implemented strike the biggest chord for you?