800-865 points

Congratulations! You’re approaching or have exceeded the highest level on the pyramid. You are making a substantial amount of money, you’re taking good care of yourself and others, too, you have the right people and processes in place, and your company and brand could possibly outlast you – which is a wonderful thing! If you have not scaled a company and sold it, know that you could. You have so much of the business puzzle put together that you can duplicate it by consulting for others or creating a franchise! You’re definitely on your way to truly being what we, in the industry, call an influencer. You, your business, and your website are go-tos for people in need of information relevant to what you do.

Your high score indicates that you’ve implemented most of the test’s suggestions. Fortunately, I created the test using only the very basic elements of a successful business venture and have much more to offer even a company of your caliber.

It’s likely you have your own ideas of what I can assist you with. If not, you’re welcome to visit my services page for some ideas. Otherwise, I’d be more than happy to look over your current campaigns and suggest which direction we move in free of charge.