Prior to being a copywriter, I was a business manager for traditional brick and mortar retail stores for over 5 years and owned a service-centered business of my own for 3. Being a copywriter is committing to being an ongoing student and not only of copywriting, from what I’ve learned, but of ONLINE BUSINESS. In my first year online, I observed the online business world like a fly on the wall in Facebook groups, private conversations with coaches, designers, social media managers, and marketing specialists, online webinars, and a million opt-in courses. Naturally, my observations came together to form this divine pyramid. Everything I’d observed, the brilliance and the mistakes, fell into these 4 levels of any long lasting online business.


In an increasingly more visually demanding world, branding has only become more important. Your image is the foundation of your business and what can determine your expiration date from the start. Over and over, branding coaches say “brands outlast products and people”, brands lay foundations for legacies. A Canadian survey published results that indicate the human attention span has fallen to just 8 seconds. You have 8 seconds to compete with others in your space, how will you win them over? With intentional, expert branding you can invoke trust, excitement, and pleasure within a potential client before they even know they’ve attached to you. But branding will not do all the conversion, which makes the next level so important.

Pyramid first levelers should be able to confidently say “My branding is consistent and clear.”


I know you don’t want to believe it, but sometimes a sale is truly as simple as asking for it and making your product or service as convenient as possible. Squeeze out the ‘no’! This is where you eliminate all obstacles in your sales funnel, and solidify your brand’s message by making all the necessary information and systems available for your target audience to make the right decision about you: “I want to be with that!”. Then, deliver!

Pyramid second levelers should be able to confidently say “My products and services are made easily available to my target audience.”


Of course, it’s not all about YOU succeeding and making dough. Even if only because socially responsible companies are the future successors, you need to be of service to your clientele and elevate their lives. This means you are actively climbing to the top of your industry. If you aren’t above 50% of your competitors or haven’t made that a prioritized goal, then why are you in business at all? Being a charitable company or otherwise, a company of its people has been a major part of modern brandization. If the people voted, would they be voting for you? Be the company with the message “you spoke and we listened” and you’ll survive the leanest times.

Pyramid third levelers should be able to confidently say “My products, services, or story changes lives.”


In large part, any lasting company is born and raised by the energy and enthusiasm of its founder. You have to take care of yourself. Yes, in all the ways you imagine (eating right, sleeping, scheduled time off), but in regard to online business, constant checking in with yourself and adjusting your business as needed by both yourself and your target audience is necessary. You and your company both are allowed to evolve and for the sake of living long, healthy, and prosperous lives- change your business model as needed! This includes prices, schedules, availability, services, anything to best serve all involved.

Pyramid fourth levelers should be able to confidently say “I make a living doing what I love.”


Meaningful money is the end-game and the result of climbing the pyramid. We want to make paper and we want to love the journey we’re forging for ourselves. Our brother pyramid, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, shows us that after our physical needs are met and we feel secure, we need to connect and be of service to others, then experience purpose and our personal highest levels of achievement. The needs of our business reflect the same human needs that you and your target audience share. Unite with your target audience and connect all the dots by taking the test and discovering the tools I’ve been so blessed to have had put in my path to share with you.