Within the first 3 minutes of my discovery call, I was sold.

With my sister being a top copywriter for one of the largest consulting agencies, I knew what to look for in hiring a strong copywriter. Within the first 3 minutes of my discovery call with Ivy, I was sold. She is to the point, honest, and is more than just a copywriter. Ivy is more of a thought leader and CMO with strong copywriting skills. I highly recommend her for your next project.

– Dr. Jay Cavanaugh, CEO/Founder, thevibemindset.com

Ivy was a great resource

Ivy was a great resource and 3x-5x her monthly salary in income for our business.– Greg Writer, President/CEO

She’s always eager and excited to get work done

Just WOW! I’ve never met anyone who goes as above and beyond as Ivy does! I really needed someone to put a little more momentum back into my company and that’s exactly what she did! She is amazing to work with and produces incredible work! She’s always eager and excited to get work done. I’m extremely satisfied with hiring Ivy and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing anything from SEO to Influencer Marketing!– Brandon Sokolowski, Sokowear, Owner

Very friendly, positive, and professional

From the beginning of our interaction, she had a very friendly, positive, and professional online presence. She was also very responsive. She delivered informative and useful advice to me, which I believe will help me build the strong community that I’m looking for on my social media platforms.Not only that, but she provided support and encouragement through this interaction, which I really liked and appreciated. I’d highly recommend Ivy to anyone that is looking to improve or grow their business or looking for ways to keep it safe during these stressful, uncertain times.– Danielle Perham, Christian Influencer

She has been a huge help to me trying to get ahead of a block in my business

I met Ivy Brooks in the #riseup challenge and we immediately made a connection! So she has been a huge help to me trying to get ahead of a block in my business. She created this amazing 30 day challenge geared towards MLM and I immediately jumped on it!!! I’m only 4 days in, and can’t wait to report back but I’m enjoying working with her and so grateful for her guidance and knowledge and the connection!!! She is AMAZING!!! Looking so forward to continuing to work with her!– Tabitha Shipley, Pink Zebra, Independent Consultant & Manager

I am so thankful that I found Ivy

I am so thankful that I found Ivy. I had never before contacted anyone to proofread, edit, and make suggestions about my workbook. Ivy was great to work with. Communications were quickly responded to. She asked questions to get to know me, what I wanted to be done, and how my workbook would fit into my business. My project was quickly and professionally completed. I am very happy with Ivy and will be recommending her to peers. -Janna Lynn Skroch, I Create My Life Today, Founder

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with you, Ivy

I can’t tell you how impressed I am with you, Ivy. How quick thinking you are with the ideas and how you can bring them all together to flow in one direction.It’s crazy how just one simple connection and in invite on LinkedIn brought you into my crazy world and how you and I are going to make it point into 1 successful and meaningful direction. Maybe you are all I needed to make sense of my experiences and not really an “agent”.-Aaron Phillips

Ivy is the “secret weapon” to our blog’s timely copy

Ivy, you are very good at timely and clear communication. You’re copy is very clear and easy for laymen to understand. Other copy writers that I have used in the past take too long to respond or the copy is too complicated for the average person to understand.-Anonymous Client

You are GREAT!!

Your focus and encouragement help me to keep going. I was able to get my website completed and your words and my frequently asked question section was a much needed addition to my website.-Shay Sisler

Got me a better job!

Ivy understood my work history and helped me accomplish a job I wanted.  Awesome!!-Anonymous Client

I saw an increase of 20% open rate on my email list and 15% click rate

I’ve worked with a variety of copywriters in the past. You are by far very responsive, thoughtful and professional. You’ve made me aware of simple changes that could really mean a world of difference in my results. It’s great working with someone who truly knows what they’re doing. Ivy truly helped me understand what works for my business and the best “copy approach” for quick engagements. She’s very direct, knowledgeable, and quick to grasp the little details (i.e. those hateful grammatical mistakes). Her knowledge can save you a lot of time and money in trial and error.-Giulia Guerrero, Nestrain, LLC High Performance Coach


Love the content, honest feedback and How easy Ivy was to work with. She asked good questions to understand my business and business need, and worked quickly and effectively to write the article!! Thank you!-Naomi Olson, Monat Global Associate Market Mentor

Great Quality

You can work on your own, you do not need micromanaging  -BLACKSTORM DESIGN + MARKETING