5-Month Blog Management

and Search Engine Optimization

Content Strategies and Maintenance

– Online Presence and Website Audit

– Website Search Engine Optimization, including 4 Website Pages’ Copy

– Overall Content Strategy

– Blogging Strategy

– 15 blog posts (3/month for 5 months) will be 500-700 word articles answering basic questions for SEO purposes and educating your visitors (also addressing seasonal/trending topics when applicable)

Above and Beyond

– 5 (1/month) Unique, long-form (800-1,000 word) blogs that are highly shareable/inspirational/thought-provoking, possibly/ideally including collaborative content with a related influencer with 3-4x your following

Content Conversion to Social Media

I will convert your blogs/articles into a social post, including the formatted image and shortened text for social platforms of your choosing. Then I will communicate effectively with your webmaster and social media manager to give them any pertinent information about the content’s implementation and how they can reach me if needed.

Monthly Analytics & Reporting

Monitoring progress made by all content will further shape the blogging/content strategies to bridge the gap between you, your current audience, and your ideal audience.


In total, you will have 20 unique blog posts that are striving to make you a leader in your industry through keywords and topic coverage. Because you will have your blogs converted into social posts, you will have one less post to create per week. The consistency of your content will keep you top-of-mind and plant pleasurable associations with your brand. Your commitment to a 5-month marketing strategy will give you the greatest insight into how your audience interacts with your brand and will ultimately give your company the best direction for evolving in future campaigns, just as we will respond to the analytics throughout our strategy.